17 August 2014

it's that time

Ive got to the part of my holiday where I have more pairs of clean knickers than days of holiday left.  That's kinda sad yet it feels like an achievement too. I can soil myself if I so desired. Note: I do not desire!

I will be pleased to get home. I always feel sorry for people who get super depressed about their holiday ending. If your home life sucks that much, do something about it.

I am looking forward to beagle kisses and getting my modcloth order that arrived the day after I left and finally getting to see the arashi love concert dvd. I feel like I have been away forever!

09 August 2014


Never happened the whole time I lived in japan but last night in rome,  I got targetted by a creeper on the bus.

He didnt touch me enough or in the places that would make you yell or start throwing punches, but he kept touching me. I worried that he was a bag snatcher or pick pocket so kept my bag clutched tightly to my chest but he kept touching me and muttering things I couldnt hear or understand.  I waited for him to do something that couldnt be excused as just being on an overcrowded bus but he barely crossed that line.

I got to my stop and planned to kick him hard, but it was a struggle just to get off the bus.

I always thought I would be much more aggressive in that situation but I just tried to get away from him, totally freaked out.

Then, as I left the bus, he said "nice" in a really creepy voice to remove any doubt about his motives.

05 August 2014

now im in naples

Its really hard to post from my tablet because I cant see what im writing so forgive the typos.

Got to naples today. What a crazy city. I think I would go mad if I was here for more than 3 days but its a fun city to visit. Belgium was great but I didnt get to try any chocolatei might to get up early tomorrow and hit the ruins before it gets too hot. Apparently even the locals arent coping with the heat at the moment.

01 August 2014


Am I wrong about this? I fucking hate people dithering. I have been travelling on my own and got to amsterdam to meet up with my friend and his friends and family. They are so rude. For example, tonight we planned to meet at 7 for dinner. I had a drink then messaged him to ask if they were on their way or if I should order another drink. At 8.30 I got sick of it and decided to leave. They were just going to dinner then and were like oh, didnt realise you were waiting.  Wtf.

Every time we have to do something,  we meet up then they have to go back to their rooms for stuff. Why? Get ready, get your shit together and meetbup. Its not so hard.

So, I told them to fuck off with their dithering around and came back to my room for a nap.

25 July 2014


I have literally hundreds of photos of Venice but figured I should not inflict them all on you.  If I figure out how, I'll link up my picasa album then, if you want, you can look at all the zillions of photos.  Otherwise, here are a few.

My sister hated Venice and told me not to go there.  I'm so glad I did. Even though I only had one day of looking around after all the flight issues, it was so worthwhile.

If ever you go there, get up early in the morning and walk around the city before it gets crowded. You get to see the locals doing their thing rather than a fuckton of tourists.  People say it's easy to get lost in Venice but seriously, it's impossible.  There are signs like the yellow one in the top right corner of my first photo everywhere.

 Loved this street art, with simple heart on the old brick wall.

Golden opportunity, the gondoler driver just got up as I took the photo.

The Railto Bridge, the most famous bridge in Venice.  I toook a selfie on that bridge, like every other tourist in Venice.

I didn't get to try these delicious looking treats because it was too hot to eat but I wish I had.

Locals out for a coffee before the tourists get too heavy. There were cute dogs everywhere in Venice.

23 July 2014

the long horrible trip to europe

It took me 2 days to get to Europe.  Two whole days!

I got to the airport, ready to leave at 10.30am and got told to come back at 9 o'clock that night.  I told them I had a connecting flight from Shanghai to Milan and they had no freaken idea what to do about it, that it'd be sorted when I got back.

I asked if I should cancel my first night's accommodation in Milan and she told me yes.

Got back and they said they'd fly me Shanghai to Beijing and then to Milan and I'd get in at 7pm instead of 5.30am.  Okay, except I'd cancelled my hotel - on their information.  She was like - did I say that?

Finally, at around 1am, the flight took off.

We got to Shanghai, got matched all around the airport and back onto the same plane, same seats (I recognised the Gemma-dog hair on my blanket so they hadn't even cleaned the plane).

We sat on the tarmac.  And sat and sat.

I asked one of the hosties if I'd make it Beijing to catch my connecting flight and she wasn't sure.  The staff on Air China seem to have English skills that disappear when you ask them anything important.  After much questioning she told me if I missed my flight, they'd get me one the next day.  Great, I'd already missed one day of my holiday and now they wanted me to miss another one.  Thanks Air China.

After a few hours of sitting on the plane, they came over and said it'd be another 2 hours at least and, if you wanted to cancel your flight, you could get off the plane.

I said I wanted to get off the plane and fly out of Shanghai that night instead of Beijing the next day because I'd definitely missed my flight.  It took about an hour of mucking around with the ground staff to organise it and get my bag off but they did it.  I got to sit in first class and wait.  Even first class on Air China is pretty shit.

I thought it was all organised but the guy doing the organising just told me to go to check in and left me to my own devices.  Luckily, a Chinese businessman got off the flight at the same time and, since he had to wait around the airport for his driver, helped me sort things out.

After going to about 4 different places, we found where I had to get my bag.  They told me to wait for it but we went to sort out the ticketing.

My feet had swollen up like big swollen things on the flight and my shoes were too tight but I had to follow this guy around the terminal because he was the only one willing to help me.  There is no way I could've dealt with all the Chinese staff on my own.

The ticketing people said to come back to the counter at 9pm.  They didn't say why.  The nice businessman said goodbye and I was on my own.

I went back to get my bag, thinking I'd seen the last of my pretty dresses and having to push my way through the Chinese crowds.  Queuing ettiquette is not big in China.

When I saw my bright green suitcase, I squealed and hugged it.  Literally.

Then I tried to find out if there was a day hotel at the airport.  Both the Air China people and the information booth said no.  There was an expensive airport hotel and nothing else nearby.  I walked around and found a place near the expensive hotel that did day rooms and massages.  They told me for $133 I could get 1 hour massage then use of the room for as long as I liked.  Yay! At least something went right.  Except I swear that massage guy had his crotch a bit close to my hand while I was on that massage table.

Went back to the desk like they said and got waylaid by some chick telling me she'd give me a free wifi card for my phone.  She took my phone, put the SIM in it then charged me for data usage.  I stupidly, in my tired and stressed state, just handed over my credit card without doing a currency conversion.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.  The card didn't work and I went back later.  She couldn't get it working either and I told her I didnt want it but didn't get my $$$ back.  Found out it cost me $60 for nothing.  It's a scam.

Got to the counter and there was a huge bunch of school kids taking over the place, behind the desks even.  They all needed a good smack around the ears.  There was no one to help me though.

Eventually, I found someone and she was lovely and super well organised.  Got me a boarding pass and all sorted out.

Finally got on the plane and got to Milan a day later than planned.  I had a train ticket booked for Venice.  The plane had been to spend the night at a hotel in Lake Maggiore, relaxing after my flight then heading to Venice.  I was so not relaxed and my feet were the size of watermelons (I'd changed into my biggest shoes at the massage place but they have very thin soles so not good for too much walking).

Got the train for the airport to Milan.  Had coffee and a pastrie for breakfast at a cafe in the station.  Then coffee at another cafe...

The train to Venice went as planned but I had to meet the guy from the Airbnb place at the train station.  I got off the train and went to meet him.  He wasn't there.  I couldn't get any kind of wifi connection and set off to find something.  The area was very seedy and weird so I didn't want to ask anyone for help.

I found a pay phone but either it wasn't working or I was too stupid to follow the translated instructions properly.  It was stinking hot and I was exhausted.  I went back into the station.  At the other side of the walkway were steps that looked like they went to another platform.  I went up them and it was the RIGHT side of the station!  OMG!

There was no pay phone there but a cafe across the road had free wifi.

Anyway, after a long time, I got in touch with the guy and he got out of work to meet me.  He took me and showed me my room then had to rush back to work.  And, OMG the cleaner hadn't been to make the bed or clean the room.

I'd booked a ghost tour of Venice for that night and, after all the running around and shit, it was 5 o'clock when I got there.  I had a shower and got changed and thought of trying to catch the tour but put on my shoes and realised I was physically and mentally exhausted.

Two days of broken sleep on planes, trains and massage tables did me in.

I really wanted to do that tour but the thought of even walking two blocks to the station made me die inside.

I curled up on the couch and slept until the AirBnB guy came back.  He was super sweet and even made me an awesome dinner. I had an early night and got up to hit Venice the next day.

By that time, my feet were a swollen up mess and now, a week later, are only just getting back to normal.

16 July 2014

it got worse

After the flight delay, it got much worse. Will post in detail when I am not on my tablet. Never ever fly air china.  They screw you over and lie through their teeth.